Dave Clarke In ActionThanks for stopping by. I’m Dave Clarke and this is the web page for my business development consultancy, cs4b. You know how entrepreneurs & ambitious professionals can be very driven by what they do, but can get frustrated by sales, marketing and the business nitty gritty?

I work alongside people like that to support, lead & guide them in building solid businesses through people, relationships, the effective use of the Internet and good old common sense.

I typically work with service companies and professional firms with between one and three Directors or Partners in establishing businesses with real value that punch above their weight.

I developed my professional expertise in business development through an early career in sales and the experience of leading 5 start-ups. 3 of these were in recessions and my current assignments include being CEO of Benemen UK, CEO of NRG Business Networks and Managing Partner of DSC Metropolitan LLP.

I am married with 3 Teenagers & outside Work I love Music, Socialising & Sport. Especially Skiing, Footy and Taekwondo in which I recently earned my Black Belt 2nd Dan.

If you would like to connect why not leave me a message to introduce yourself.

Dave Clarke.

Connect with me:

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