Effective Business Networking

If you provide your network with opportunies and support then in turn it should bring you great opportunities and support. To understand how to build netorking relationships there is a free download of “The 7 secrets of effective business networking” at the NRG Business Networking Website.

I co-authored this as a result of experience and some research that we did at NRG-Networks.

The following is a visual representation of the model:

The 7 secrets of effective business networking

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I developed cs4b™ ‘Common Sense For Business’ a few years ago to help business owners with business development so they can get on with what they enjoy, get better organised and find the right focus to become more successful and put the processes in place to:
– win better customers
– build better relationships with existing customers
– operate more efficiently
– maximise margins and profitability
– be investor ready

This blog will focus on common sense approaches to these areas.

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