How To Develop Business Through Networking

Reasons for networking

The first question on the feedback form for visitors to NRG Networking Groups is, what is your primary reason for networking? The number one answer is ‘More Business’ and yet many people have no plan for winning more business through their networking.

In light of this I wrote an 8 blog series on how to develop business through networking as a training aid for members of NRG. If you follow the tips in them you should be able to develop a strategy to make networking work for developing  your business.

Here are the direct links to each of the 8 blog in the series.

1. The NRG Networking Advocacy Model and Your Networking Goals

unlocking Secret

The secret to getting more business through networking is counter intuitive to many people. Read more in this blog to help you understand how networking really works and how the advocacy system can help you achieve your goals.

2. Getting Crystal Clear About Your Target Market

Target Market

The second step to getting more business through networking is to get crystal clear about your target market. This will help you to identify the right people for you to be building your network with.

3. Getting comfortable with the ‘What do You Do’ Question

The Answer

The third step to getting more business through networking is to get clear about your proposition. This is essential so that you leave people with a clear idea of what you really do so they can spot opportunities for you.

4. Identifying The Right People And Where To Meet Them

Dunbar Network

The next steps in getting more business through networking are to identify the right people for your inner network and where to meet them. You also need to consider how many relationships you can manage.

5. Building And Maintaining Business Relationships

Building Relationships

A business relationship is a series of interactions over time like any other one. Building and maintaining these relationships is at the heart of getting more business through networking.

6. The importance of sharing why you do what you do in building advocacy

Know Like Rate Trust

Unless the people in your business network are motivated and know how to to help you then you are never going to make business networking productive. Sharing why you do what you so is vital in this.

7. Motivating your advocates

Missing piece in networking jigsaw

The really successful people in business networking are proactive in finding opportunities to advocate those in their own network and do the things that really motivate others to do things for them.

8. Building a reliable pipeline of business through your advocates


Through building advocacy with your network you can build a reliable and predictable level of business through referral into your forecasts and projections.

I hope you find these a valuable resource & welcome any feedback you have.

The Importance Of Networking For Your Business

Here is an interview I did with guruview TV on the importance of networking for your business. It’s about 7 minutes long.

6 Common Sense Principles for Business

Great post from The Engaging Brand Blog with Anna Farmery. Business is essentially simple, but we tend to make it very complex.

She wrote her Dad used to say to her:

“Anna, business is not complex, people make it complex but business is just based on simple common sense. What is complex about these principles….”

Read the 6 principles at 6 Common Sense Principles for Business

Hello world!

I developed cs4b™ ‘Common Sense For Business’ a few years ago to help business owners with business development so they can get on with what they enjoy, get better organised and find the right focus to become more successful and put the processes in place to:
– win better customers
– build better relationships with existing customers
– operate more efficiently
– maximise margins and profitability
– be investor ready

This blog will focus on common sense approaches to these areas.

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